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Hidden Costs of Your Senior Parent's Hospital Stay

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Sep 4, 2018 2:58:00 PM

Senior woman being visited by daughter in the hospital

No matter how much effort you put into keeping your senior parent or loved one safe, there are times when they need to visit the hospital. While your senior parent isn't a 100 percent, all you worry about is their health and recovery. But you and your loved one may face the harsh reality of hidden costs when your parent returns home and gets the final bill. Here's a quick peek at a few of the most common hidden costs from a senior parent's hospital stay. 

1. Medication

Whether that little paper cup holds an aspirin or medication your senior parent takes daily, you will find it somewhere on the bill. However, your parent's bill won't reflect a price comparable to what they'd pay at the pharmacy. Some hospitals charge almost a 500 percent increase on over-the-counter and prescribed medication.

2. Double Billing

Double billing might seem obvious but it's little different than you might expect. If a physician's assistant arrives in your parent's hospital room, reads their chart, and then does an exam. You expect to see a charge for his time, but the doctor who oversees the physician assistant's work charges you too, creating double billing. It also occurs when a doctor other than your parent's doctor reads your parent's chart and then bills them.

3. Deductibles

Even with top-shelf insurance, there can be deductibles that your parent needs to meet before their hospital stay is covered. However, the hidden cost comes into effect when your senior loved one needs to meet several deductibles, such as one for hospitalization and another for lab work or radiology. 

To help keep costs down, pay close attention to the bill. Ask hospital staff whenever you have questions. Additionally, consider a caregiver to help your loved one when they have returned home. They will need personalized care to ensure they don't end up readmitted to the hospital. 

Know that support is available. Learn how Caring Senior Service can help you, by providing care for your senior, please contact us.

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